Being able to set a default vault

Use case or problem

I used to have a single vault. I recently created another vault for a different purpose and realized how having multiple vaults work. Obsidian is currently opening the vault I last used/closed.

Proposed solution

I want to be able to pick a default vault, or have obsidian ask which vault I want to use when I open the app. Either is fine. Would you be interested in implementing that?

Current workaround (optional)

None. Since it opens the one I last closed, I open the vault manually by clicking on the vault picker icon. A very minor inconvenience.

Related feature requests (optional)

Current workaround is open the vault switcher before closing the vault you’ve been working on. Close vault and then close vault switcher. Next time you open Obsidian, you’ll be greeted with the vault picker.

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That is helpful. Thank you.