Being able to purge deleted files from Obsidian Sync

There is no way (or I can’t find any) to be able to purge the “Deleted Files” from Obsidian Sync plugin.

I would like to request an option to do so, because sometimes I want to delete a file to free up my space and yet it will be there in Sync deleted files - and even with a revisions history - taking up much more space, while I want that file to be gone completely.

On top of that, it would be also good to be able to somehow force the re-sync - like I deleted completely a plugin and yet I can see its files stored in Sync with all the revisions it created. Why is that taking up the limited space?
I can understand keeping files from my actual vault in the deleted files history, but why does it keep plugins? is there a way to disable that?

I can only see an option to disable active plugins and installed plugins what I understand as list, but I would like to sync what I install on each device, without the plugins cluttering my space on the sync with revisions history and keeping their deleted files for months.

This is possible already. A button to manually purge deleted files appears when you are close to maximum space.

Mind if I ask why the capability to do so is not available sooner? not only when reaching the limit?

Because it’s computationally expensive server-side

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Adding to this, the purge button will also show when the remote vault is 95% full beginning in 1.6.