Beginner's Guide to accessing Obsidian from another computer/laptop (ie ? web access ? )

Things I have tried

As a new Obsidian user, I request to be pointed in the right direction please.
Kindly guide me on how I can access Obsidian from a different computer/laptop.
My searches for Obsidian web access have been unsuccessful.

What I’m trying to do

(Or use a remote desktop app.)

Thanks for the guidance.
I shall now research doing this.

2 options

Obsidian sync

Obsidia proprietary, it is paid but work simple.

Other sync apps

You can use one of several sync apps to do the job, some are free, but need a configuration and the app need to be running for the sync to happen.

One exemple:

Thank you for this.
I shall try these options.
It will be great to benefit from Obsidian while using other computers/laptops.

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