Beginner who needs help beyond "Backup Obsidian for beginners" discussion!

What I’m trying to do

Can I put my vault onto a thumb drive to then open on another computer? The only Obsidian files I can find on my computer (in the .obsidian folder) are “json” files. Is something not saving correctly?

Things I have tried

I have read about backing up using different software, but I just want to know where the file is to begin with. I am not very tech savvy, and I get lost in a lot of the discussions. I’m disappointed that Obisidian doesn’t offer any support of it’s own, but don’t want to abandon the program quite yet.

Are you wanting to have the entire Obsidian install on the thumb drive or just your Obsidian vault?

You can definitely have just the vault on a thumb drive and move it between computers, but both computers would need Obsidian installed.

I would guess that you could install Obsidian on the thumb drive and store your vault there too, but I haven’t actually tried it.

I think you can do the thumb drive thing. It’s certainly come up before, so search “thumb drive” on the forum.

The .obsidian folder stores the vault’s settings. Your notes are stored in the folder that contains the .obsidian folder. Obsidian stores a few other settings in a system place. All of that is detailed in the following link.

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