Beginner Questions

Hi all

I’m a newbie to Obsidian having moved across from Zettlr. I wondered whether anyone might be able to confirm / help with the following questions?

  1. There seems to be no obvious way to have several tabs open in a given pane. From searching around there seems no way to do this - am I missing something?

  2. Am I correct that every change I make to a file is auto-saved immediately?

  3. I have a multi-monitor setup, however there seems to be no easy way to detach panes and put them in specific windows etc. Again this seems to be confirmed by searching the forum but I wanted to ask whether this was right and if so how people with multiple monitors make the best of having 2+ screens with Obsidian?



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If you pin your active note, any further note will be opened in a new pane. In addition, you can split the current pane in half either horizontally or vertically. Do this with the menu at the top right of the pane, use the command palette, or set a Keyboard shortcut.


I haven’t worked with multiple monitors yet so I can’t share any experience. But I guess you can open the same vault twice - and then move one window to your second monitor.


Thank you that is very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I can’t find any easy way of opening the same vault in different instances of Obsidian. When I try to open a vault which is already open Obsidian simply moves me to the instance where Obsidian is already open. Is there a way to do this?

Good question - I am quite sure that I have already read somewhere that this is possible. Can anyone help who has already done this?

Edit: Obviously I was wrong and it is not possible yet - but there’s a feature request for this:

In this thread you can find at least some hacky workarounds - the most obvious is of course to create a copy of your complete vault in another folder. This, however, means that changes won’t sync automatically…

OK thanks