Beginner question - Oblique directions regarding VAULTS; Cloud and simple delete

I apologize for what seems to be a simple question, but after failing a couple of times to make Obsidian work for me, I really want to succeed this time.

  • I was exploring Obsidian on my desktop. Made a Vault. Excellent!
  • Downloaded to my iPad - hey, CLOUD vaults! Made one.
    Back to my desktop: I simply want to DELETE the test vault I made, and connect to the Cloud vault I made on my iPad. There seems to be no intuitive way to do this.

Thanks in advance.

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What I’m trying to do

If you mean an iCloud vault, you probably need to “look for Obsidian’s iCloud Drive app container (an app-specific folder created in your iCloud Drive directory). It will have the Obsidian logo.” And find your vault in there. (Please explain vague "iCloud Drive Sync" instructions - #3 by ryanjamurphy)

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