Begin & end syntax gets printed as well

problem is it’s print the begin and end syntax as well



any solution for that?

Please see my other reply:

Well, the problem is the character breaks whenever I try to write a mathematical equation or formula in local language.

Mathematics is not depending a lot on a specific language. Can’t you use variables like x and y? This language issue is not my thing but I’m trying to help/learn.

Found the solution but couldn’t apply it. I need to set mtextInheritFont: true in MathJax configuration that’s it.
Is there any way to configure MathJax file?
And in physics note some cases we can’t define some of the variable as x or y like there is a formula. But I understood what you have said. And I was using that method. Thanks for help/time :slight_smile:

I think that is something that the devs need to do in the settings.

If any dev or moderator is reading this, can you please check if this can be done?

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Okay then I will let developer know the issue thanks for the help

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