Be able to scroll past last line in note

I’d like to be able to scroll past the last line in a note. As it is now the lowest you can scroll (in a note larger than the display) is to the last line in the note. This means that whenever you are typing you will have to look at the bottom of the window to see what you are typing.

To be able to set where I’m typing visually, I’d like to be able to scroll further than the notes is written (with lowest scroll for example so at least some text is visible in window still). When I click anywhere below the last line, editing will start at the last possible line but scroll position remains.


Yes. +1 for this idea. Not seeing lot of empty space while typing is a motivation killer when you are taking notes.

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@Gnopps , a nice addition, why don’t move that idead to Feature Request subforum? I’d also suggest you expand your request for it to be typewriter-like mode found on many other editors (Typora, iAWriter, Scrivener etc.). This mode keeps your line of sight always in the center of the page.

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Strange, I though I posted it there. Moved now, thanks!

Yes, +1 for this idea too! In a lot of text editors this is called “virtual space” - thought I’d comment that because it’s the first thing I searched for when I was looking to see if this feature request already existed.

It’s such a pain to have to always look at the bottom of your screen when typing!

+1. Pls save my twisted neck!

Similar to the setting in VScode that: “scroll beyond the last line”

+1 for me too :pray: a toggle for the ability to scroll past the end of the file would be great.

This is also called ‘Typewriter Mode’ and has a feature request thread here:

@moderators Suggest we merge these threads.

They are certainly similar, and complement each other. But they are distinct features. Typewriter mode is a form of auto-centering while typing. Scrolling past the last line is more of a viewing feature. (Even though I realize this request was asked in the context of typing.)

The ability to scroll past the last line has been added for several versions now. I’ll feature archive this thread.

Certainly vote for the other thread though! It’s a good idea too.

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