Batch removing YAML from multiple notes?

What I’m trying to do

Hi everyone, I created a daily note for 3/4 months and every daily note has at the top a YAML like that:

date-created: xx-xxx-xxxx

Since I’m trying to merge all notes into one single big note per month I need to remove all YAML otherwise they will be included and visible. Is there a way to bulk remove first 3 lines of every markdown file?

I’m on mac, maybe it could be done with terminal? Sorry, I’m a noob at coding. Thank’s for help.

Edit: here’s how notes look:


I had a similar use case to bulk edit YAML metadata. The recommendation I got over in Discord that worked for me was using VS Code to do bulk find and replace using regex. You said you’re not a coder (I’m not either!) but are you familiar with regex? If not I’m happy to help out if you can give some examples of the metadata you need removed.

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