Batch convert forbidden characters in filename

I transferred my vault from Mac to Windows, forgetting that double quotes (") aren’t allowed in Windows file naming systems. How can I batch convert every instance of double quotes in a (not-yet-existing) filename to single quotes?

If you’re looking to do mass find-and-replace, VS Code is a good option.

You may have to do some regular expression searching, though:

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I thought about this, but the problem is that many of the notes in question only exist as links. In other words, they are not yet existing files that an external application can rename.

Sure it can.

A link with no file is just text in a file. And you can search and replace the text in files.


search and replace:


And like Ryan said, Regex should be able to help you find only instances of double quotes, only if it is found inside link brackets. (Not saying Regex is easy…)

I was thinking regex, yeah – but Obsidian doesn’t have a mass search-and-replace, does it?

No, but you can install VS Code and open your vault in that app to do it.

Would that only fix the filenames of the markdown files? Or would it also fix their contents?


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