Batch Cleaning Mark down files before pasting into Obsidian folder in Windows explorer

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This may not fall into this category. So I just found out about Obsidian. I have a lot of notes copied from website with footnotes,etc. I copy pasted these into Obsidian folder. the problem is in the original files there are a lot of [1], [sth sth], etc which create a very crowded graph from the get-go. So I went in the file 1 by 1, and replace “[” with “(”.

I have thousands of the mark down files. Does anyone know how I can replace “[” with “(” in all the files at one go, instead of changing the file 1 by 1? It does not need to be inside Obsidian. This will give me a more tidy graph.


Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

U can use vscode (or atom) to do that in batches. Forum post below shows how to remove [[]]. It should be applicable to u to replace [ with (

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There is a program called “renamer” that might be able to do what you’re looking for.

It’s been on my to-do list for a long time now to use it to move my Notion and Evernote notes into Obsidian.

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Thanks @efemkay , I’ll try that soon! Thanks.

This only change the file names and not the file content @echoreflection

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@Jerry2 Ah I guess I misunderstood what you were looking for.

Notepad++ has a batch search/replace that will work on all files in a given folder.


I have used a program called Grepwin. (There is another one called WinGrep). It looked like it did the work when I opened the file. But in Obsidian, i used the random plug in and got a file which still has [1]. I will revert back if can find why.

Yes Grepwin did the job.

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