Bad image scaling

Things I have tried

I looked in the settings and plugins for a way to change the image scaling method, I also searched the forum. I may not have found some relevant forum posts since I dont use it much.

What I’m trying to do

In the Hover preview of images, the text is always more blurry than if I open it in other applications scaled to the same size as the preview. The same thing happens if I let obsidian downscale images that are embedded.

(the same screenshot scaled to 213 pixel height in Firefox or a chromium based browser is way more legible than the same height in obsidian)

This appears to be based on the downscaling method Obsidian uses, is there a way to change that or improve the quality some other way?
I am not looking for plugins where that would require a lot more effort for every picture. I could rescale before I paste the screenshots but that only works for pictures where the full resolution is never required.