Backslash escapes interpreted inconsistently between live preview and read mode

I am paste text into Obsidian like the one below (without ticks):

my text \ \ \ \ my text after spaces

Live preview mode hides the backlashes.

my text      my text after spaces

in Read mode the expression is rendered literally.

my text \ \ \ \ my text after spaces

Obsidian Version 1.4.5
Sandbox Vault

This behaviour was proabably inadvertently introduced in 0.14 (long ago), due to request regarding live preview (tge feature request was not specific enought to specify the scope to relate only to special characters)

Space is not special character and can not be escaped by general in markdown as such, only in some flavours 4.16 Escape special characters | R Markdown Cookbook

Still this is inconsistent behaviour between preview mode and reader mode, and backlashed shouldn’t be hidden when preceding markdown non-special characters Backslashes Should Not Be Hidden Before Non-Special Characters in Obsidian Live Preview leading to consistent behaviour between preview mode and reading

So the Live preview should follow read mode in how it dispaly backlashes