Backlinks Sorted by Backlink

Use case or problem

Say I have a note, [[Dog]], with a picture of a greyhound, a golden retriever, and a labradoodle. I’ve linked these pictures in a number of different notes (say 100 for each dog because I like dogs a lot), and I remember writing a very interesting thought recently under that picture of the labradoodle but don’t remember the note name. So I go to backlinks to find where the labradoodle is, but I find backlinks sorted by the name of the linked note and not by ^labradoodle. Now I have to go through 300 notes instead of 100. It would make more sense for the default sort order to be by the ^labradoodle ^greyhound and ^retriever instead of alphanumerically by the name of the note where those links are - if I knew the name I wouldn’t be searching through backlinks in the first place.

Proposed solution

Change the sort order

Current workaround (optional)

Long manual process

Related feature requests (optional)