Backlinks context changed to paragraph (and may be sub-paragraph)

  • Backlinks are an useful tool to navigate to other notes based on the context but the real power comes when you can read your thoughts or ideas about that note directly on the backlinks panel instead of navigating to the notes itself.
    • The paragraph where the backlink is located gives a much better understanding of the reason why it was mentioned that just three lines.
    • I heard all the time that obsidian don’t have a block approach like roam but I think paragraphs are the perfect unit blocks of reference.
    • Setting backlinks context to paragraph will make the list longer but this can be remediate with sorting and filtering capabilities.
    • Examples of use:
      • Using obsidian as a CRM and Writing interactions with a person as a paragraph on my DailyNotes. When Opening the person file I can read all interactions with that person.
      • If you note cites linking the [[author]] or [[topic]] you will be able to read all cites without visiting all files where they are located.
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