Backlinks collapsible by page

It would be helpful if backlink results could be collapsed by page (similar to how “Linked mentions” is collapsible). Some of my notes have many, many backlinks, but they might not all be of interest to me at a given moment. Collapsing them would allow me to have more of the relevant ones on the screen at once. Additionally, sometimes I might only care whether there are backlinks on a page and not care about the text itself. Collapsing all the pages would give me a nice list of those pages.


We actually implemented that (hasn’t been released yet), so it’s likely to go out in the next release after 0.6.7. Cheers! (I’ll move it to feature request archive when it’s released, or you can do that too.)


Perhaps it could also be collapsible like the search results?

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There could be setting stored in YAML front-matter of relevant pages.
Load backlinks: false
Then backlinks pane would display “Loading disabled by front-matter setting”.
And would offer option “Load backlinks temporarily” to load backlinks but preserve the setting in front-matter.

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