Backlinks - Being able to Cmd+Click to open in new split pane

When looking at backlinks sometimes I want to Cmd+Click on the link and open it in new split pane. It would be good to be able to do some shortcut to be able to quickly do it.

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If I understood correctly, I think that already happens for me (Windows).
If I click on a link in the list of Backlinks of a note with Ctrl+Click it opens in a split panel (vertical), just like it would open a note If I had done so by Ctrl+Click on an internal link in a note.

It is happening. It seems my keyboard is having issues instead

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I’m on a Mac. I want to do the same. When I cmd + click, nothing happens.

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I got it. While in the “Editor” pane (as opposed to “Preview”), cmd + shift + click to open the link in a new pane :slight_smile: