Backlinks are not showing in Linked Mentions in the majority of vault

I have a vault with about 2000 notes. The word heavy, important notes (that also include URLs and PDFs) are not showing backlinks in Linked Mentions. Small notes are functioning correctly.

I have no 3rd party plug-ins.

The first time I noticed this issue was before the update, and I was hoping it would resolve itself.

Your help is needed and appreciated.

I don’t have any specific insights, but have you restarted Obsidian and is your installer version (listed with the Obsidian version) up to date?

Thanks for the reply. I have and am using Version 0.15.9 (installer 0.15.9). I have restarted Obsidian many times in the course of my project. Today, I uninstalled the app, and all of its related folders. I downloaded Version 0.15.9 (installer 0.15.9) again from, opened my vault, and it did not fix it. There are 0 backlinks appearing in my main research notes which contain many [[ ]] and are the heart of the project. The notes I built from these connections do show (#) Backlinks, and Linked Mentions. It’s like if trees were only branches and leaves.

I apologize for asking this, but do any notes contain links to the main notes? ([[2 A Comprehensive and Comparative etc.)

Great question. I realized at one point it was easier to make a “Copy Search Result” including WikiLinks instead of backlinking one note at a time. Now that I remember, I’ll get to it. Thanks!

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