Backlink text format

Is there any way to change the way backlinks text is displayed, simplifyng it like the normal mode (excluding brackets etc.)?
I found “influx” plugin doing the job, but it is not as good as obsidian’s default feature.

Thank you.

This plugin is AWESOME. You can get the backlinks view (and search results) with rendered markdown. By the way, it’s mentioned in Influx’s README as well.

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Thank you for the reply,

Is there a way to also render the parent note?


what do you mean by “parent note”?

Sorry ush, I’m not good with English. Following the img i pasted as example, using the plugin you suggested, only the paragraph that contain the reference is rendered, the rows above it (“parents”), are like the obs default mode (highlighted in yellow in the example). Maybe i’m missing something in the settings?

Thank you for the attention.

I see, so you mean the list (or heading) that contains the reference. Unfortunately, I think this plugin does not support that. But you can submit a feature request to the repo if you want. It will be a nice feature to have!

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