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Hi all! I’ve just started using Obsidian and have a question about the backlinks pane. If I click the “backlinks” in the status bar where I can also find word count, it used to be that the backlink pane opens under the current notes and if I click the “backlinks” in the status bar again, the pane disappears.

But now, for some reason if I click the “backlinks” in the status bar, it opens instead the right sidebar and if I click the "backlinks"again, nothing happens. In order to close the sidebar, I need to click the sidebar icon on the right upper corner.

I find it a bit annoying. I much prefer that my backlinks show up at the end of my current note instead of showing up on the right sidebar. I would appreciate it if anyone lets me know how I can use the backlink pane as before. Thanks a lot!

You can set a hotkey for or use the command palette to run the “toggle backlinks in document” command. Not sure this helps. Hopefully it will.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply! Though that was not really what I am looking for. If I click the “backlinks” in the status bar, it opens the right sidebar, which was not the case before. See the attachement.

I cannot remember there has ever been a different behavior. Maybe you used a plugin before that way able to open your backlinks in a different way?

I reckon you’ve got the core plugin Backlinks enabled, since you’re seeing this at all. Now there is also an extra option which you could enable, and that is Settings > Backlinks > Backlink in document, which often is disabled. But you can enable this again.

Now you can enable/disable the backlinks at the end of the document from the tab menu in the upper right, like shown in the image below:

I’m not sure if this ever has been possible to toggle from the status bar, but this setting and the tab menu is at least there to play around with.

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