Backlink fails to jump to appropriate place with

Steps to reproduce

  • Single note pane with backlinks to the left with note graph underneath the backlinks (although not sure layout makes a difference)
  • Create Note A, insert three paragraphs
  • Create Note B, insert enough text to require scrolling, and then block embed paragraph 2 from Note A. E.g. [[Note A^f5bfd0]]

With Note A selected, click on the “Note B” link in the Backlinks for Note A section. The first time you click this link, the proper text in Note B will be scrolled to and briefly highlighted, as expected.

However, if you go back to Note A and once again try clicking the “Note B” link in the Backlinks for Note A section, while Note B will open, the embedded section is not scrolled to nor highlighted. In fact, Note B just opens to the beginning of the note.

Expected result

Each time a linked reference to an embedded link is clicked, the appropriate note should open, scroll to, and highlight the embed in question.

Actual result

Only works for first Linked Mention click, not subsequent ones.


  • Operating system: macOS 11.6
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.19

Additional information

Reproducible in the Help vault.

One additional piece of clarification. It seems that the bug only appears if you first navigate to Note A via the graph. In other words, here are the steps to reproduce (after you have Note A and Note B created, per above).

  1. Open Note A
  2. Click the “Note B” link in the Backlines for Note A section. The text in Note B will be properly scrolled to and selected.
  3. Now select Note A within the Graph of Note B pane. This will obviously cause Note A to open.
  4. Now click the “Note B” link in the Backlines for Note A section. The text in Note B WILL NOT be scrolled to nor selected.

So, it seems opening a note via the note graph puts the backlinks for that note into some strange state that when clicking them, we don’t get the proper scroll and highlight behavior.

I hope this helps.

Thanks something weird is going on. The same happens if I navigate with file manager but it works ok with quick switcher

Believe this is the same as or related to a bug I reported previously: Internal note link to heading / block reference jumps back to top of page

Let me know if you still have this issue with version 0.13

Yes, still fails (13.7).