Background color is also copied


In obsidion i have my editor with a black background. What i notice is when i want to copy text to a different program like word or outlook the background color is copied to.

In Editing mode there is no background color but all Markdown Syntax is copied.
In Viewing mode there is a black background and i can not seem to be able to remove this without destroying the whole layout of the text.

Is there a way i can tell obsidian not to copy background color?




In my case it depends, where I copy to.

  • Copying to Email (Thunderbird): black background and white font
  • Copying to Libre Office Writer / Only Office Document: no black background but white font.

So in the last case you got only white and no text at all? :slight_smile:

Found a plugin named “Copy as HTML” that can copy markdown text as normal HTML with a white background and black letter. But this is as i can see only with text in edit view but not when you also have somethin like a dataview in your note.

Is there no way i can simply copy / paste text in view state ?

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