Back/forward navigation doesn't really work

I have a issue with the back/forward shortcuts (which are bound to Alt+Left/Right on my platform (Linux)): Rarely, they seem to work, moving me back or forward one step in the sequence of recently viewed documents, as I’d expect. But other times, they either appear to move me one or two steps forward or back (like there’s some debouncing that’s not being done correctly), do nothing, or move my cursor to the beginning/end of the line in the current document.

Is this behavior somehow indended? Did I misinterpret the purpose of these shortcuts?

Also, would it be possible to use the back/forward navigation buttons on my mouse to do this, as I do in Firefox? It would seem to me that fluid navigation is critical for using this software well.

alt back and forward are used for moving in editor. Use another shortcut.

In that case, it would be great if we could unbind this shortcut from its editing/text navigation feature (which is not listed in the “Hotkeys” part of the settings). This seems to be like Mac’s Cmd+Left and Cmd+Right for moving to the beginning and end of the line, right? Home and End keys, I’d argue, should be used for this instead, especially on Windows and Linux, where modifier-arrow is not conventionally used for this like it is on Mac.

(Actually, End takes you to the end of the currently-rendered line, which is a fairly uselessly visual-state-dependent action, whereas Cmd+Right and Obsidian’s Alt+Right does what End really should do, and takes you to the end of the current line of Markdown code (e.g., the end of the current paragraph).)

In fact, for me on Ubuntu, the default shortcuts of Ctrl+Alt+L/R don’t work for “Navigate Backward/Forward”; it instead unhides the Chromium window menu on Alt, and switches the cursor to a crosshair for block selection on Ctrl+Alt, does nothing when I hit the arrow key in the chord, and does nothing when I release the keys. On Windows, it does the first two things, but then properly navigates on keydown for the arrow key (and does nothing when I release the keys).

Ctrl+Alt does enable a functional block selection mode for both.

Interestingly, if you bring down this momentarily-unhidden Chromium view menu with Alt+V, it has menu entries for “Navigate forward/backward”, which work when clicked, and the shortcuts claimed there (but not actually working) for them are … Alt+L/R. So, I suspect that, if we could unbind Alt+L/R from the editor functions, they would “just work” for the navigation functions.

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I just moved to Ubuntu from Mac, and have encountered this is that navigate back (Ctrl+Alt+<-) doesn’t work as expected in Obsidian. Anyone know why this would be the case or how I could get it to work? Spend a lot of time in Obsidian so hard to get past my muscle memory for this.