Back button? am I blind?

I see from old forum posts that there should be a back navigation button. But I don’t see it in my version (0.13.31). Am I blind? Can someone show me a screenshot where the button is supposed to live?

(ctrl+alt+arrows also doesn’t work, and I’ve confirmed navigation is configured that way in my hotkeys)

The forward and back buttons are in the upper left in the window title bar.
I would try reproducing this in the help vault. You likely have some theme, plugin, or customization causing an issue for your vault if you can’t see the buttons or the hotkeys aren’t working.

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Ah ha I AM blind. Some combination of how I have the window maximized, glare, and screen contrast just made them very hard to see.

As for why the hotkeys aren’t working – I haven’t customized anything, so I’m going to guess it’s my OS that’s capturing those key combos. But there is no noticeable effect. So I’ll try changing the Obsidian hotkeys and see what happens.



They are kind of hard to see in the default dark theme, yeah.


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