Bachelor thesis in computer science


I was wondering if it would be possible to write a bachelor thesis in Obsidian. So far, I use Obsidian mainly to link information for papers in a meaningful way. This has worked very well so far, as well as the documentation for the papers.

Now I wonder if it is possible to write a whole thesis in Obsidian. I read a report that someone did his Ph. D. thesis in Ulysses, which actually made me feel more empowered to write it in Obsidian. Has anyone had any experience with this, or maybe someone is writing a thesis and has tips for me on what to look for? I am thinking of helpful plugins.

Sorry if any of this is obvious, and you’re looking for more specific answers. Hopefully some actual academics will chime in. But the way you phrased the question, “Has anyone had any experience with this”; the short answer is “yes!”

If you search the forum, the topic has come up a few times. Here is a link that includes a link to a Youtube interview with someone who does PHD research in Obsidian. Start using Obsidian for masters thesis, when you already have a rough outline in mind?

The video is 2 years old, so there are certainly even new techniques and plugins to explore. (I haven’t watched it. I’m not an academic.)

Searching certain research-related keywords like “Zotero”, “citations”, “Latex”, “thesis” will likely send you on the right track to find other threads and plugin ideas.

You should also consider joining the #academia channel on the Obsidian Discord server, if you haven’t already. I imagine you’ll be in good company there.


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