Azure DevOps ADO Wiki syntax support

What I’m trying to do

Hi everyone. I’m trying to get Obsidian to work with ADO Wiki. This wiki is based on markdown and exposes content through git so it works really great with Obsidian and Git plugin. What I find challenging though are syntax differences. First and most critical one is different mermaid block syntax. Obsidian supports


While Azure DevOps Wiki supports:


More informations on this syntax here

Is there any way to mitigate this problem? Can Obsidian support this alternative syntax? Worst case scenario - is there a chance a PR to address this as additional option be accepted by development team?

Things I have tried

I googled for any ADO - Obsidian related topics. Looked for plugin to create some kind of alias for existing syntax (to be able to define 3 colons as the same thing as 3 backticks).

It might be possible to make a plugin that would support that syntax. Obsidian isn’t open source, so a pull request isn’t an option.


Sorry to highjack the thread… Obsidian with Devops is something i am exploring, but i cannot find a plugin to push to an ADO repo, have you managed to achieve this?

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