Avoiding "data:image/png;base64..." when pasting from OneNote

Hey, all–

I’m migrating from Mac OneNote and when I copy/paste content that includes an image, I get a whole lot of this:

It works in the preview but the edit view is a mess and it’s hard to make revisions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

Things I have tried

Copy/pasting an individual image from OneNote
Copy/pasting a selected section from OneNote
Copy/pasting an entire frame (text box area) from OneNote

For reference, copy/pasting individual pictures from other applications (such as Snaggit) creates a “normal” format and adds the file to the attachments directory. The issue I’m experiencing seems specific to OneNote.

What I’m trying to do

Insert the picture with a shorter format in the edit view.


I’m in the same boat as you, migrating from OneNote. My hacky solution around this is to take snapshots of the images, then paste them in to obsidian. I use ksnip to save selected regions directly to clipboard.


Move the image to a location inside your vault and recreate the link with Obsidian.

Hah! This is what I’ve been doing too except with Snagit.

I do not believe there is a directory listing images within OneNote so this approach would require saving every image in every note to folder before dragging them in one by one in between text, pasted piecemeal. I did try this for about an hour but it was torture. I am specifically looking for a way to paste.

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