Avoid Sync Issues by making Obsidian unavailable until sync is complete

I just discovered that my iPad was re-syncing some of the files that were added there a few days ago, and that these were now the files that were on, that the old version of the files were now the files that were in all of my vaults. I think this happened because I used my iPad when I was offline for a bit, but I don’t know for sure. This is surprisingly upsetting, because I’m not sure which files have been affected, and I only discovered it by seeing chages in my past daily notes, which I was looking over. So it’s hard for me to know what files to refer back to an earlier version.

I was wondering whether it’s possible to have a plugin or a setting that only allows you to use Obsidian once it has been fully synced, I think that would save me a lot of trouble down the line, and I don’t care about how fast the app opens, I care about my data being as safe as possible.

Is there anything like that I can do (Apart from manually checking this, of course)?

What I’m trying to do

  1. Avoid any errors in version management.
  2. Only allow me to edit files when Obsidian has been fully synced.

Things I have tried

  • Searching around (Google, plugins, Forum).

(I’ll only answer about ways you can potentially solve or fix what happened. I have no ideas for how to avoid it happening again.)

  1. You could check your Sync logs to at least get a list of files that changed. It would help narrow down which files you need to check.

  2. I personally use git on my vault. Using a version control software like git can help you manage seeing what has changed, or revert back when things go wrong. There is a git plugin for Obsidian, but I just manually manage my own repository.

  3. I use Dataview to list my recent files. This could be another way to see what has changed most recently.

WHERE file.mtime > date(today) - dur(20 days)
SORT file.mtime DESC

I reckon you know this, but I just wanted to verify that you’re aware this only checks for files created in the last 20 days, not files modified in the last 20 days? (Or did you make a typo here? )

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Whoops thanks! I honestly rarely use that list, so I never noticed the typo. Edited above to change file.ctime to file.mtime.

Thank you! I created a note with the Dataview you send, great to see what files were changed! :smile:

And as you said not a permanent solution.