Avoid offset when embedding content?

Hey, i noticed, when i embed some content from other notes, theres quite a large margin in front of the embedded text. For example this:

Some text here:
![[@From monolithic systems to Microservices_ An assessment framework#Popularität]]

ends up like this:

Im not quite sure if this is related to Obsidian itself or the theme i am using. Perhaps this is something that could be adjusted through CSS or something?

Maybe someone knows if it’s possible to get rid of the gap between the text and the embedded content.
Thanks alot!

I suppose this issue is related to your theme.
Try with default theme and see the differences.

You can also open your theme css file and search something like .markdown-preview-view .markdown-embed and play with the margin-top value.


Thanks for the hint.

Indeed in the themes css file there was this content:

.markdown-preview-view .markdown-embed {
  margin: 2rem 0 0 0 !important;
  padding: 0 !important;
  border-top: 0 !important;
  border-bottom: 0 !important;

Removing the top margin resolved it for me, thank you!

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