Autopair bold not working **

Steps to reproduce

type **

Expected result

the autopair should give me **** (4x*) and the cursor in the middle, so that I can write in bold

Actual result

the first * I type works fine and give me another *, so that I can type in italic. The problem is: when I type the second * i end up with only 2 *. This means I need to type and extra set of ** to end the bold part of my text


  • Operating system: windows 64bits

  • Obsidian version: 0.8.0

Additional information

this problem was happening with the highlight as well (==), and apparently the autopair is not available for it anymore in version 0.8.0

I’ve seen this as well on:

OS: MAC 10.15.6
Obsidian: v0.8.0


That’s a good feature request. Seach/Open one.