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:wave: Hello, my first post here in forum.

I am new to Obsidian and have little to none coding experience. Though I can’t wait to learn!

I want to create a script with Templater which enables me to use specific Custom Tags to move certain Paragraphs that I put into Dayly Notes into specific Folders.

#Work = Send paragraph to Work Folder
#Home = Send paragraph to Home Folder
#Idea — || —
#Schedule — || —

The idea is to have some basic folder structure going on in my vault. I want it to structure and process my tasks and notes which i put into dayly notes. In this way I feel I can separate my daily workflow from my zettelkasten, which is going to be only organized with links and tags.

I have been searching the web, through guides and videos but without luck. Is there a way to do this?

I’ve been trying to use the tp.file.move command but i think im not getting the basics of that command right. Probably I am not understanding the file pathing fully or some other detail is wrong. Also I am not sure how and if it’s possible to implement the condition of sending certain paragraphs depending on what tags I accociate with it.

Id be greatly thankful to get this working! :star_struck:

I don’t know how to use Templater for this, but the Auto Note Mover plugin should do what you want.

Hmm, that sounds like a very viable solution, thank you!

I am a bit worried about plugins though. I am unaure of which ones is safe to use, both for the risk of system failure or bug making me lose my work. And/or also if I risk malware or open some kind of passage to my personal data and devices.

Also by relying on plugins i feel like maybe they arent going to be as future proof as making actual code, which is always going to be working?

I don’t know, im totally fresh to all of this like I explained earlier. I will try this out and come back with how it worked out.

Also, is all plugins working on mobile aswell, check this somehow?

Thanks again!

Those are all reasonable concerns. I started out with no plugins but was tempted by all the functionality. I try to use ones that are popular, but that doesn’t guarantee that they’re safe. I think it’s reasonable to guess that plugins by people who are active in the community aren’t malicious, at least.

Many but not all plugins work on mobile. The plugin author has to indicate in its configuration that they think it works on mobile; if they don’t, then the switch to enable it won’t turn on.

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Thank you, this really helps me to get on the feet. I think that the more I learn the safer and more fluid I can make my workflow. It’s all about the continuous chieseling, and in the end I will have something great.

Nice to meet you on the road. :smiley:

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