Automation services OS X

How can I enable Obsidian’s editor window to accept OS X Automation services to capture and enter data?
The services menu is not a choice when I right-click in the Obsidian editor window.
I checked the system Security and Privacy setting, there is no option to activate services for Obsidian.
Example: To use Brett Terpstra’s Markdown OS X Automation service tools.

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Until there is a way to do this, what are you looking to do specifically? I’m familiar with the list you cited, and I’m a big fan of mac automation, so I’ve come up with some alternative methods to automate markdown processes. Can you give me some examples of which ones you use the most? I might have some work-arounds I could share.

This is an example for one Brett Terpstra’s Markdown OS X Automation service tools scripts
that copies and pastes all of Safari browsers open tabs, show in this image working in Bear.
The services menu won’t open or paste in the Obsidian edit window.

Gotcha. I didn’t notice those in particular – wish there was one for Firefox too. I built my own version of that with Keyboard Maestro and it works outside of the app environment, but only one tab at a time.

I know this is off-topic a bit, but it would be possible to run a macro/AppleScript that triggers those context menu services in another text editor, or the clipboard, then it would run a copy/paste into an obsidian document. But I see your point; the context menu needs to be enabled for a variety of reasons, including other custom services.

I was thinking some of what you’re looking for could be accomplished with Brett’s popclip extension maker, but not those specifically. And while TextExpander and Keyboard Maestro can do a lot, it’s not as simple as a right-click-and-select. So I agree; we do need contextual services enabled.