Automating the Retrieval and Updating of Weekly Data from Notes in Obsidian


So I just switched a few days back from Notion to Obsidian. Mostly because some limitations in Notion. But to be honest Obsidian is another beast with that many plugins its kinda hard to find how to make something and understand how everything works together…
BUT I do hope those plugins can help me in the long run the get a system/structured prompt layout, for a show I working on.

So I am working on a project in Obsidian where I maintain a folder with notes containing weekly data on Football results and current table standings. Each note represents a particular week with the respective results and standings.

I am also constructing a script elsewhere within Obsidian, which consists of prompts that I intend to pass to a chat AI model for generating a script. This script references data from the most recent two weeks of Premier League data.

My goal is to automate the process of updating these prompts with the latest data from the two most recent notes in the specified folder, reducing the manual copy-pasting work.

Here’s my ideal workflow:

  1. Identify the two most recent notes (based on date or note title) within a specific folder.
  2. Extract specific data from these notes.
  3. Update the prompts in my script note with this newly extracted data.

I’ve been looking into the QuickAdd plugin and its Capture Methods feature but am unsure if it meets the entirety of my needs or if there’s a way to configure it to do so. Also I think I need Templater.

Would the QuickAdd plugin, possibly in conjunction with other plugins (as Templater), be able to automate this workflow? Or are there other plugins or external tools that you would recommend to achieve this level of automation within Obsidian?

Any guidance or recommendations would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!

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