Automating note creation

I’m kind of new to css and while I’ve used markdown, I’ve only done simple things before. I tried googling, but so far haven’t found a solution (not even sure this is doable), so I thought I’d ask here:

I like writing letters and I’ve created a table where I have my penpals and whose turn it is and when I received the last letter and such. Then for each contact I have a “contact note” that I use for more information, like the address and such. Now, what I would like (which could be useful elsewhere too), is that when I create a new row, it would automatically create the contact note if it doesn’t exist (for example when I put the brackets around it). Is there a way to do this? Any pointers would be appreciated!

TL; DR: Can I automate the note creation somehow and specify a template to use with a piece of code (maybe in ccs file)?

Depends on your system. Some Mac Users use Alfred to automatically create files or expand text based on certain conditions. outside of the Mac world it seems to get a tad more complicated using tools like Espanso and python or other scripting languages.

Like @dracozny said, Alfred could solve that. It’s a paid app, but well worth the price. If you’re on a Mac and decide to buy it, give me a shout and I’ll help you set up a workflow.

Thanks. I have windows though (did have Alfred for my mac). I am kind of interested in looking into programming my own obsidian specific plugin… I did see some stuff in the calendar plugin code, so I think I will see if I can make this :slight_smile: Could find the zk-prefix code (I guess the core plugins are not publicly available or at least I didn’t find it yet). Would be a nice little project for me to start with…