Automatically replace unallowed filename characters with similar special characters

Use case or problem

Often times I want to name note files with characters that are not allowed in obsidian file names, such as /, <, >, etc.

Proposed solution

It would be great if obsidian had the option to automatically replace these unallowed characters with HTML character look-alikes (perhaps while automatically placing the intended name with the original unallowed character(s) as an alias in frontmatter). There can be some default replacement characters in place with the option for obsidian users to use different replacement characters if they want. Here are some of my thoughts on which characters can potentially work as replacement characters:

/ → ⧸ (Big Solidus)
> → >
< → <
: → ։
| → ┃
\ → ⧵
^ → ⌃
" → “ OR ”
* → *
[ → {
] → }
# → ⋕

Current workaround

Currently, I manually use the look-alike characters in the file names when needed, but this can get tedious. I also manually write the intended file name with the unallowed characters as an alias in frontmatter.

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Wouldn’t it then be hard to type these characters if you had to type out the filename for some reason?

If you have the original filename with the unallowed characters as an alias, then it wouldn’t be hard to search for the file just by typing the name normally, since it will come up in the search results.

I would like to see this too!