Automatically refresh images when the image file changes

Can we refresh the document when image changes? I found only external change to the md will trigger ob to re render the page, but corresponding related file change within the doc will not, I have edited some jpg and svg with some other editor, I want those changes also immediately see change when I click the save on my svg editor.


Pardon me, I renamed the title to be a bit more specific.

I didn’t notice until now that images don’t refresh automatically.

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This bothers me too.

Anyone know of a workaround to force a manual refresh?

In Command Palette there’s “Reload without saving”. On Mac in the menu bar menu there’s View > Force Reload (No hotkey associated). I haven’t tested either for the subject of this thread.

These 2 reload commands are a bit too heavy-handed for me: they reload the entire app, cache (maybe just the Force Reload command does this one?), and plugins, which for me takes quite a while.

My workaround is to change the image name slight and then undo.


For example, you can change the above to below and then undo


You can probably automate this via templater