Automatically reassign links to blocks

Use case or problem

I have note A with a block of text with block id ^123z45
I can then make a link in note B to that block in note A like so:
![[note A#^123z45]]

If I then excise the block from note A and put it in note C, the link ![[note A#^123z45]] will not show anything but a message that id 123z45 cannot be found.

Proposed solution

Preferred solution: as soon as a non-existent link to a block occurs, Obsidian Search should kick in, find the block id, and correct the link in note B to ![[note C#^123z45]].

Next best: have a context menu item that re-establishes the link correctly by right-clicking on the bogus link.

Current workaround (optional)

The only way to re-establish the link is to do it manually.

Related feature requests (optional)

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