Automatically purge unusable characters when pasting into file name area

Use case or problem

Sometimes I like to copy and paste a string inside the note, that already has internal links, as the file name.

Proposed solution

Remove unusable characters from the string when pasting into the file name area.

Current workaround (optional)

Either, add internal links after pasting:

  1. edit the relevant string in note editor (forgoing internal links)
  2. copy the string into the file name area
  3. add internal links

Or clean brackets manually from links after pasting:

  1. copy the relevant string with internal links into the file name area
  2. remove the square brackets manually from the internal links
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As a work-around for now, if you use a text expansion utility you might be able to clean the clipboard using that, for example, in Textexpander I can set a Javascript snippet like this:


where the regular expression contains the characters to remove inside square brackets. You could be more sophisticated if you wanted, e.g. replacing with other characters.