Automatically pulling in notes from Zotero using the Citations plug in?

Things I have tried

  • Adding the {{note}} variable to my citations plug-in template and then creating a new note from using the plug in
  • Watching endless YouTube tutorials of the citations plug in and integration with Zotero
  • Searching this forum

What I’m trying to do

Pull in my annotations and notes from a marked up PDF in Zotero into the newly created note without having to manually copy and paste the exported markdown notes into the the new note.

It seems like using the {{note}} variable could possibly achieve this? But I haven’t gotten it to work . . . just wondering if others have

Currently, the workflow is to extract the citations to a note (this is now native in Zotero). Then use MDNotes to convert this to a Markdown file that could be saved somewhere. Then copy and paste these notes into the newly created note made by the citations plug-in.

I am not completely sure but as the citations plugin hasn’t been in a state of continious development during quite a long time it could be that it doesn’t completely work with zotero’s new integrated pdf reader - it looks like the {{note}} variable isn’t listed anymore at the citationss plugin github page…

I would recommend to use either the bibnotes or the zotero integration plugin instead.

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Thanks, @alltagsverstand! I’ve been looking at the zotero integration plug-in.

I’d love some guidance on how to set up the templates. There doesn’t seem to be any tutorials on YT or clear (to me) explanations in the documentation. It’s not as obvious as in the Citations plug-in.

I’ve also looked here in the forum as well. Anyone using the zotero integration plug-in and happy to explain how to set it up? Thanks!

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