Automatically paste file's name when chosed file from dropdown in `[[]]`

Use case or problem

Now when I want mention any file, I can write [[]] and start typing file path or name inside. And there will be dropdown with suggestions. And after I click any suggestion, correct file path will be paste inside [[]].

For example there are in dropdown I chosed file which placed somewhere in another folder and has its long path. Let it be [[../../../Folder Name/Folder Name/Folder Name/File Name]]. In this case In preview mode I will see

But I would like to see in preview mode only

Feell difference

Of cource I can add |File name after path to specify visible part of link. Like [[../../../Folder Name/Folder Name/Folder Name/File Name|File Name]].
But this is annoing to each time when I mention other file to write it’s name.
I’m too lazy for it😀

Proposed solution

I want to when I chosed file in dropdown, then obsidian automatically paste not only full path, but full path + | + file’s name.

* As variant, you can add checkbox in settings to allow users chose should obsidian automatically paste filename in end or only path.

I am not sure if this would be a good solution. In 90% of all cases, my preferred alias doesn’t correspond to the real file name, but something that fits into my current text. If obsidian would automatically fill in the file name, I would manually have to delete the alias in order to replace it by something different - which would even be much more manual work than before.

Why don’t you chose “shortest path” in your settings? It will have exactly the result you prefer!

that’s why it would be good add checkbox ‘add specification in end or not’ in settings too.
Because in my case 95%+ links should have the same name as file name.

About shortest link. This is same, but not exactly.
Shortest path even in edit mode paste shortest path and even raw .md file has after it only shortest path.
But I would like to have full path in raw .md and edit mode, but in preview mode see only file’s name.