Automatically open split screen with one in preview mode

Is there a way (setting or plugin) to make it so that when I open a new note, it automatically opens up as a split screen with one of them set to preview mode and the other set to edit?


This isn’t currently possible, far as I can imagine. Feel free to submit the idea in #feature-requests!

isn’t currently possible

Well… It depends what you mean by “when I open a new note”.

Are you aware of the feature where you can link one panel to another?

  1. Create a 2-panel layout.
  2. In panel one, click more options “Link with Panel”
  3. Hover over panel two. It should light up. Click on it, and it will become linked with the other panel.

THEN, when you open new notes in panel two, panel one will automatically show the same note. And you can set one to Preview and one to Edit.

If you meant something else, like Obsidian automatically creating a layout for you, no that isn’t currently possible, as far as I know.


Thank you for this. I think this process is close enough to what I want, especially since the panes stay in whichever mode I have them set to while switching notes.

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