Automatically List Notes created each day into Daily Note

Not sure if this is feasible - but i thought it would be useful to have the option of my daily notes automatically listing down all the notes i created in each day.

so at a glance, i can revisit my daily notes and see, at a glance, what i discovered or extracted that day!

as i “dump” alot of things i come across online from various sources, sometimes i cannot digest them all in a day.

hence, it would be helpful if there was a function to show what notes i created in a day :slight_smile:


There has to be a canvas for listing notes with links (list), or then, ugh, a new window with such a list. Obsidian might need such a presentation canvas unless the plugins are allowed to make their own views.

A simpler approach that might be a bit more flexible is like in TiddlyWiki/Stroll where you can create an automatically linked note. Tap a button on the daily note to create a new note with [[2020-05-28]] already appended so it’s linked. Then all notes created on the daily note are visible in the backlinks section.


or with prefix in search: created: 2020-05-28

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I am also fully for this idea of possibility to link notes into a day!

What I do is this. I’ve assigned a hotkey which when pressed prints
#June [[11-Jun-2020 Thu]] 12:11 PM , ie #month [[DD-MMM-YYYY ddd]] time
This links each page I created to the daily note of the day.
I know, it is low-tech, but it works for me.

Also I have my daily note running all the time in a tab. I try to create new notes from daily note.

Related to this, it’d be great to be able to search and have customized graphs based on dates. That way, at the end of the day, I can see the graph of notes for that day and have a better idea of how some of today’s ideas can be integrated to the bigger picture, etc.


Right now in my Tags and Metadata section at the top of every new note, I’m adding "Created on [[YYYY-MM-DD]]’’ to link to each day’s note.

I was just thinking this morning that it is not ideal considering I’m probably going to ruin my graph view, but I do want to ability to keep track of what I was interested in, and when.

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Ooh yes, I have something like that in my metadata as well.

I just think it’ll be a much faster workflow if obsidian processes this automatically, so we can reduce our number of steps too :grin:

yes, I face this issue too.

Now my graph view is full of daily notes dates too, and it can be visually confusing for me :confused:

If you would like to keep the graph view clean you can have meta data for the date that doesn’t link to the daily note. Then it will show up in Unlinked for that daily note.

You could also make smart use of a Regex query to capture all notes with that date and embed the query in your daily note. This is could be automated to a degree by making a daily note template and including the query with a dynamic date value as part of the query.

Let me know if you’d like me to show post an example.

PS. Sorry for dredging up an old post but the solution may be useful to others looking for this functionality now.


I’d like to see an example. Sounds great.


Sure, no problem.

When I create a template for a note (using the core template plugin) I’ll have a "Date Created: " field with this macro {{date}}. You just need to make sure that the date format for the Template Plugin matches that of your daily note. (eg. YYYY-MM-DD). I use a different date format from the default but the default makes for the easiest queries. Also make sure not to turn the date into links.

Then in your daily note Template add a tag that flags it as a daily note somewhere (eg. “#journal”. Also add an embedded query that looks like this:

   {{date}} -"#journal"

-"#journal" will simply remove itself from the query so you only get a list of notes that you added that day.

If you want to see the all of the notes that you created in a specified time period you can use a regular expression when querying.

For example, the below query will retrieve all notes that were created in the month of December 2020:


The forward slashes mark where the regular expression is taking place and the “…” act as wildcards for the days within December 2020.

You could also do the below to get all of the notes within the the first two weeks of December by doing the below:


The square brackets tell the query that it can return any day in December between the 1st and 14th.

Just discovered Regex this week, so it is very new to me. There is a great intro video here.

I think Regex queries are a killer feature for Obsidian. None of the other notes apps like Obsidian come close to it’s querying power once you see what is possible with Regex.


Thank you very much!

I just started watching the YouTube link you provided and wish I had started with something more like that when I began. I watched an entire training course called “Introduction to Regular Expressions (Regex)” by Josh Duffney although I cannot link to it because it was available as part of a subscription I have.

Although it was very clear and thorough, I may have too quickly bit off more than I could digest long term without constantly referring to copious notes I took. It went into metacharacters, anchors and word boundaries, lookarounds, etc. a lot of what I learned, I haven’t even tested, but your excitement in your post has brought back some of the motivation I originally had.

Also, I am not sure why I have resisted Templates for so long, but thanks to your explanation, I will resist no longer. Much appreciated!

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This function would be desirable and useful!
It should be like on this website here:
The entries of each day are listed one after the other and it is quick and easy to view everything.

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Relatively new Obsidian user here, and I realize this thread is old, but I was looking for the same thing as OP – for each daily note to automatically list the notes created that day – and I’ve come across an easy solution for me, so I’m sharing it fwiw.

It relies on the Dataview plugin and having a daily notes template set up.

In my daily notes template, I’ve added a heading called “Notes created this day”, followed by a Dataview query:

TABLE file.folder AS Folder
WHERE file.cday = date( AND !=(
SORT file.folder ASC, ASC

This gives me a tidy linked list of all notes in my vault created on that day, excluding the daily note itself. I also display and sort on the parent folders for each note, since personally I do use folders for certain projects or major themes, so it helps to organize the table.

I imagine you could specify a source folder or specific tags using FROM if you needed to select from just a subset of your vault notes.

Hope this helps someone.