Automatically link to newly created notes?

Things I have tried

I’ve searched both the forums and the community plugins for something that achieves this–I have not yet found what I am looking for, please correct me if there is already something that can achieve this.

What I’m trying to do

In the graph view, I’m sure many of you have orphaned notes. I’ve recently started creating several notes so it’s become a bit of a mess.

Something I have done to fix this is to create a table of contents note that simply has every note in a given folder linked to it. This links all the orphaned notes to a single note in the graph view until they can later be linked properly to other notes as I develop my thoughts in Obsidian. Thus far I have done this manually which slows down my note-taking.

I was wondering if there is already currently a feature or a plugin that can, at the volition of the user, create a link to newly created notes in the same folder as a specified note in the aforementioned specified note? This way, if I have a folder with several related notes “subject 1” and have the specific note titled something like “subject 1 table of contents” then when I create a new note in the folder “subject 1” a hyperlink to that note will be typed on a new line in the note “subject 1 table of contents”.

You can add [[subject 1 new note]] link to subject 1 table of contents note and then click on this link and new note will be created with name in link.
Also you can select same folder as current file under settings->Files&Links->Default location for new notes. With that, new subject 1 new note will be created also next to subject 1 table of contents note.

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See the plugins Zoottelkeeper, Waypoint, or Folder Index. I haven’t used any of them yet but I’m planning to try Zoottelkeeper.

I’ll check them out, thanks!

I think my needs are a little more specific. Being able to do this “backwards” allows for quicker note creation. I can just hit crtl+n to create a new note and that link will be created for me. I just imagine that would be easier for me. This can definitely work well for other people, though!

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