Automatically keep title of parent text when creating a new file

Hi! Complete newbie here so sorry if an obvious solution exists for this problem, I tried searching and could not find any other posts with this question. Please let me know if my description is unclear or anything needs clarifying.

I tend to use Obsidian for rapid note taking, and will often quickly create new files by highlighting a question on a pinned page and creating a new page using a hotkey (using the Note Refactor add-on), then I’ll edit the new page in order to fit a more general concept.

For example if the question in my note is “Are there other types of cats or is the house cat the only type of cat?” it would generate a new file with the title “Are there other types of cats or is the house cat the only type of cat?”, which I would then edit to “Types of Cats”.

Once I do this I’m given the option to update the link. The problem is both options (update link or don’t) don’t quite accomplish what I’m trying to accomplish. If I update the link, my original question disappears and is changed to the updated text (“Types of Cats”)". If I don’t update, and click on the question again, it generates a new file, resulting in files for both “Types of Cats” and “Are there other types of cats or is the house cat the only type of cat?”.

I do know I can use the vertical pipe (|) to allow me to associate the new file and the original text, but generating the new file, then going back and associating it with the original text, makes it very difficult to take notes rapidly in Obsidian.

Does anyone know if there is an option I can check, or an add-on, that automatically associates a parent text and linked page? Is there possibly an add-on that adds an additional option to the “Update Link” allowing me to associate the text and new page without modifying the parent text?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi, what if you do the association before you create the file? That is add the Types of Cats| to the link before you create the file? Then when you press it, you’ll get the file name you want, and the question remains the same.


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That does it! Thank you so much, I wasn’t aware new pages could be generated this way!

You may want to check out Note Refactor plugin. You can create a new note from current heading as new title, and it auto links. Pretty cool

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