Automatically generate list of dates as headings

Hi all! novice here, so apologies in advance. I tried googling this extensively but with no luck.

My situation: I have one note that I use as general log of my research, sort of “what did I do today”. Just a few sentence per day, everything meatier gets its own note.

I structured it, so far, as follows:

## Year 01
### Week 01
#### 2022.01.01 (Mon)
blablabla. I did this, I did that

#### 2022.01.02 (Tue)
blablabla. This worked, that didn't

Is there a way to automatically generate the whole “calendar” (meaning, the headings structure) from, say, 2022.01.01 to 2025.12.31 in this format? So that each day I can just write about what’s been done without having to remember what day is it, what day of the week, did I skip logging things yesterday…

I could easily generate the whole structure with Python, but I am curious about the Obsidianic way to get it done.

Thanks in advance!

You can do this with the Periodic Notes plugin. It provides variables for days of the current week, current month, and current year.

You can add or subtract days, months, and years. People often do this to provide links to the previous and next day, week, month, and year from one note to another. (Periodic notes let’s you create notes for Days, Weeks, Months, or Years.)

You can also do this with the Templater plugin. Templater allows you to run JavaScript, so you could iterate through and generate the structure much the same way you do with python.

If you already know how to do this with python, the easiest way is to code the python, run it, and have the output saved as an *.md file either in your Obsidian directory, or some where else and move it there.

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