Automatically generate block ids for an entire note with optional naming convention

Use case or problem

Sometimes with unorganized notes full of various unrelated things, I would like to quickly block reference each block in the file via a sequential naming scheme. In my workflow, each block gets linked to in its own note. The text of the block also get copied into the note. Essentially, I am atomizing the chaos, but prefer to keep a connection back to the source regardless of how unorganized it is. That source is my backup and also is kept elsewhere just in case. But all of this is besides the point.

Proposed solution

If I could just click a button and optionally choose a base name and numbering tactic in order to generate block ids for an entire note, I could automate the creation of atomic notes from the blocks within.

Current workaround (optional)

Iā€™d love to hear any workarounds if people have ideas. I really prefer using blocks to headings in these scenarios as changes to the heading breaks the link.

Relevant: Command Palette / Right click menu item to generate block and header reference

Thanks very much.

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