Automatically embedding a block from prior week into a new weekly review file

Things I have tried

I’ve tried embedding a block (not specific enough) and via Templater, this code:
![[“YYYYMM”) %>-<%“ww”), -1 %>Reflections]]

The Templater code gave me an error message: File cannot contain any of the following characters: * " \ / < > : | ?

What I’m trying to do

For my Weekly Review Journal, I want to create a “Reflections” section. Within this section I want to compare this week’s reflections with the reflections I wrote last week to see what changed and what stayed the same. This would also help me to identify anything that I need to focus on in the coming week. What I’d like is for last week’s reflections block to be automatically embedded when I use my file template.

I can’t help with Templater, but the Periodic Notes plugin can do it.

You do not need to separate date functions. Put your “ww” in the same function as “YYYYMM.” Something like this: ![[<%"YYYYMM" - "ww") %>|Reflections]]

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