Automatically display all incoming page links at the bottom of note

What I’m trying to do

On many sites, like Andy Matuschak’s there is a list of incoming links that link to a page. I don’t want to see potential pages, only actual pages that point directly to the current page. Is this the dataview plugin? If so, how do I set that up?

Like here, is this done manually, or can it be done automatically. Is this only for Obsidian “publish”?

You can toggle backlinks in document for each pane.

A global toggle for this is available since 0.13.9 (insider build, not yet public).

thanks. I see that now, but I want these in my page automatically like in the screenshot. Currently I have to manually do this, which is too tedious for every page.

The global option will be available once we make the next public release.

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At this stage, you can use the CodeMirror Options plug-in and open the show backlinks in editor option to achieve this effect.

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I use this query at the foot of files (adding it from a template, of course):

FROM ([[#]]) OR outgoing([[#]])

You might be able to adapt it for your needs.

Angel :angel:

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I copy-pated this to the bottom of my note, but it just repeats the same links in the body of the note.

cool plugin. I much prefer WYSIWYG editing!

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