Automatically create notes for new PDFs added to vault

What I’m trying to do

I recently purchased a RocketBook to easily convert my lab notes into a .pdf. I created an automation to send a copy of the .pdfs to a folder called “Lab Notes PDFs” within my vault.

What I would like to do is have a new note be automatically created in a separate folder called “Lab Notes” within my vault that will automatically have the title of “{{.pdf Title}} Note” along with an embed ![[.pdf]]. I like the idea of being able to quickly add additional typed notes/comments along with easy access to my handwritten notes which my have diagrams or tables that wouldn’t easily transfer over.

Things I have tried

I started looking at the Templater community plugin but my coding experience is limited to MatLab and brute-forcing prewritten code.

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated!

One idea to pursue is to have a note with a dataview query listing all of your PDF’s, and with a separate column linking to the related note with the full path to the note. If it exists you’ll open it, and you can look at your extra notes, and if it doesn’t exist, it’ll trigger Templater with a template folder setup which initiates the note according to your wishes.

This should be doable with not too much work or configuration. It’s not totally automatic, but having to push one link to create the related note should be manageable.

Check out the Binary FIle Manager plugin. You can use it to do exactly what you are asking!! :slight_smile:

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