Automatically create daily notes for the entire week by running a weekly notes template

Thanks for reading! I think my problem should have been solved already, but I couldn’t find a solution. Any help and hint is appreciated.

What I’m trying to do

  • I use a template (Templater) for my daily notes. This works perfectly in combination with the day planner plugin. Whenever I click on a day, it creates a nice day template with some standard tasks I have to do every week (e.g. checking emails).

  • To schedule my entire week, I click on each day.

  • What I want to build is a weekly template that creates these files for the entire week by running the template for each day (and the files should be stored in the correct folder)

Things I have tried

I tried to use tp.file.create_new but it seems that I am using the command incorrectly.

Thanks a lot!